americans won't use contact tracing

7 in 10 Americans won’t use contact-tracing apps

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New data from Opinion Matters reveals that when asked if they planned to download a contact-tracing app, an overwhelming majority—71 percent – of Americans won’t use contact tracing. Not only is not surprising for the current state of apps and their reliance on 24/7 tracking from Apple and Google, but the trend seems to be getting worse as time goes on and the only options for a technology solution continue to come from the same Apple, Google and ‘let’s track everyone’ well of ideas.

So it’s also not surprising that most of the apprehension comes from a lack of Trust.

Those who replied “no” to the first question were then asked to explain that decision with a multiple-choice poll. The most common reason given by those surveyed was a concern about privacy and in all, 44 percent of those who said “no” to a contact-tracing app said they do not trust the technology to protect their digital privacy. Even more damaging is that 35 percent of those surveyed also indicated a lack of trust in the app providers (Apple, Google, big tech).

In the above mentioned poll, only 32 percent said they’d trust Google or Apple, and only 14 percent said they’d trust the government to keep their data private. This suggests a significant decrease in trust when it comes to public health agencies like the CDC. This increased distrust comes on the heels of many incidents in the past few In recent weeks, have shown that as few as 50 percent of Americans say they would be vaccinated against the disease, assuming a vaccine were available. Coupled with what appear to be politically motivated decisions to end public health restrictions on gatherings, it is likely that the eventual US death toll from the pandemic will be higher. It is clear that Americans won’t use contact tracing apps unless the approach changes.

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