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People WIll Not download contact tracing apps If They Think They Have COVID19

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In a recent study by the Imperial College of London stated that People will not download contact tracing apps if they have had or think they have had COVID19, even if they have no evidence that they have or contracted COVID19.

In the recent study, the authors analyzed results from interviewing over 10,000 NHS users, and found that for the general UK “a willingness for app-based contact tracing is substantially less than the smartphone-user uptake considered necessary for app-based contact-tracing to be an effective intervention to help suppress an epidemic”.

The two main reasons that the NHS App has failed is that, first the fact that people who think they have already had COVID19 are less likely (27%) to say they will install a contact-tracing app than those who do not think they have COVID19. Second, without widespread testing, it is difficult to know how many of those people have had the disease.

The UK adopted a public health policy during lockdown of instruction to stay at home if symptomatic of Covid-19 unless becoming very symptomatic, researchers noted that this resulted in a large number of people who believe they have had Covid-19 but without necessary testing to confirm it.

Those same people may be less willing to participate on account of believing they may have immunity. This feeling of the Covid-19 threat then no longer applies to them, which may also diminish the incentive to participate in the app and avoid risking being asked to potentially self-isolate for 14 days.

But by far the largest reason that people will not download contact tracing apps is not wanting to download the app was privacy concerns, cited by two-thirds of those who said they would not download the app because of the GPS and Bluetooth requirements as well as not trusting apps based on Google and Apple

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