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americans won't use contact tracing

7 in 10 Americans won’t use contact-tracing apps

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New data from Opinion Matters reveals that when asked if they planned to download a contact-tracing app, an overwhelming majority—71 percent – of Americans won’t use contact tracing. Not only is not surprising for the current state of apps and their reliance on 24/7 tracking from Apple and Google, but the trend seems to be getting…

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big tech missed its chance with coronavirus apps

Big tech Missed Its chance With Coronavirus Apps

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States are continuing to resist COVID19 contact tracing apps, however some developers think there’s still a chance for them to catch on. The prevailing opinion is that big tech missed its chance with coronavirus apps. Additionally, states that have committed to using contact tracing apps are now backing away from those claims. The few states…

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covid19 app

Most U.S. States have Decided Not To Use Apple and Goolge’s COVID19 App

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As cases continue to spike in the United States in June, Apple and Google  are still promoting their partnership: The longtime rivals worked together to create a GPS and Bluetooth contact-tracing – COVID19 APP technology – that public-health authorities could use to track the spread of COVID-19. However, four months later few of the promised…

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people don't download contact tracing apps

People WIll Not download contact tracing apps If They Think They Have COVID19

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In a recent study by the Imperial College of London stated that People will not download contact tracing apps if they have had or think they have had COVID19, even if they have no evidence that they have or contracted COVID19. In the recent study, the authors analyzed results from interviewing over 10,000 NHS users, and…

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Contact Tracing App Consistency

Contact Tracing App Consistency Will Be A Challenge

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As contact-tracing apps are promising to change the course of COVID 19 by tracking citizens 24/7 and alerting those we’ve been around if there is a potential exposure. However, as these apps begin to emerge, some vulnerabilities are becoming apparent. Among security and privacy violations, contact tracing app consistency is become the next big concern.…

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france releases contact-tracing app

France Releases Contact-Tracing App On Android And Apple

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France releases contact-tracing app StopCovid. It is only available on the Apple and Google Play Stores. Now the true test begins on whether or not its citizens will use it. If recent contact-tracing app success from other countries is any indication, our guess is no. France has decided (rightly so) to not rely on Apple…

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Utah’s Contact Tracing App is failing with less than 2% of the state’s population Using It

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Utah’s HealthyTogether app cost the state $2.75 million, plus another $300,000 per month to maintain and is dependent upon GPS and Bluetooth tracking technology. As predicted, yet another app relying on tracking technology, Utah’s contact tracing app, is failing. As of today only 45,000 of Utah’s 3.2 million residents (1.4%) have downloaded it.  BuzzFeed News reported…

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are contact tracing apps ethical

Are There Ethical guidelines for Contact tracing apps?

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At least 47 contact tracing apps are available globally. They are already in use in Singapore, South Korea, and Australia. There are also many other governments are testing or considering them. However watchdogs and others public security experts continue to scrutinize these apps and ask if there indeed should be ethical guidelines for contact tracing…

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gps contact tracing app

Can You Trust GPS Contact Tracing Apps?

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As we move closer to fully opening up our countries, it seems that individual privacy is being disrupted by the coronavirus pandemic and many are asking if we can trust GPS contact tracing apps. Google and Apple have partnered up to bring bluetooth and GPS tracking to COVID-19 contact tracing efforts. However, Google is still trying to…

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contact tracing apps become permanent

Could Contact Tracing Apps Become Permanent?

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Privacy advocacy groups remained concerned about contact tracing measures intended to combat coronavirus and could now be used to track citizens, indefinitely, beyond the outbreaks. The fears of government “big brother” type scenarios come as apps intended to help curb COVID-19 outbreaks become a permanent fixture in daily life in some areas across the world. Could Contact…

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