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contact tracing apps are a mess
CONTACT TRACING APPS Are a Mess At the State Level
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Currently there is no national COVID-19 notification software in place nor will there be in the near future. This is presenting interoperability issues and Contact Tracing Apps are a mess…

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Contact tracing apps Have adoption obstacles
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Digital contact tracing has become a common theme in the discussions on how to track and alert individuals when they may have been exposed to someone who has COVID19. But…

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contact tracing app violating user privacy
Researchers found North Dakota’s contact tracing app violating user privacy
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It’s been found that North Dakota’s contact tracing app violating user privacy. North Dakota was the first to roll out a contact-tracing app has been caught sending user data to…

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americans can't or won't use contact tracing apps
Most Americans Can’t or Won’t use a Contact Tracing app That tracks coronavirus infections
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According to a Washington Post–University of Maryland poll , nearly 3 in 5 Americans say they can’t or won’t use a contact tracing app development by Google and Apple, indicating that…

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digital contact tracing
Americans Are Divided On Whether GPS and Bluetooth Contact Tracing is Acceptable – Most don’t Think It will help limit COVID-19
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As governments around the world turn to GPS and Bluetooth contact tracing to help fight the spread of COVID-19, most Americans are skeptical that tracking someone‚Äôs location through their cellphone would help curb…

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digital contact tracing
Apple & Google Digital Contact Tracing System Won’t Work
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The Apple-Google initiative responds to the need for digital contact tracing to support the fight against COVID19. But what looks promising in prototypes and conceptual product design may look very…

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contact tracing app design
Coronavirus Contact Tracing App Design Face Another Challenge: a Great User Experience
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DEVELOPERS AND DESIGNERS TRY TO MAKE CORONAVIRUS APPS COMPELLING ENOUGH TO USE. The Wall Street Journal reports: When developers last month introduced Care19, an app to complement contact-tracing efforts in…

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contact tracing
COVID19 Contact tracing apps – off to a slow start in the U.S.
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South Dakota, one of the few states that has launched a private COVID19 contact tracing app, driven by GPS and Bluetooth technology, is only boasting about 2 percent adoption of…

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COVID19 Contact Tracing apps
COVID19 contact tracing apps have accuracy and other problems
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Some U.S. states have rolled out COVID19 contact tracing apps for tracing and tracking citizens are dealing with technical glitches and a general lack of interest by the public. COVID19…

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contact tracing
States struggle with contact tracing push
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Digital tools for tracking Covid-19 could prove less useful if there are major gaps in data as states struggle with contact tracing apps reports Politico. Only 6 states have announced…

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